Many people have pimples even in the normal condition of the skin. Being affected by oil glands bacteria, the skin gets swelling and the pus is filled, which is called pimple. Pimples come out in

Many people have pimples even in the normal condition of the skin. Being affected by oil glands bacteria, the skin gets swelling and the pus is filled, which is called pimple. Pimples come out in places like face, neck, back, and shoulder. Being a pimple is not a serious condition but it may cause of lack of self-confidence among the people. There are lots of lotions and medicines available in the market but it takes time to treat the pimples. Here we are telling a lot of natural ways to get rid of the pimples in a short time.

Use of Ice

Pimples of redness, swelling, and inflammation get instant relief from the use of ice. Applying ice improves the blood circulation in the affected area.

  • Wrap the ice in a cloth. Keep it on the pimples for a few seconds and take off.
  • After a while, again keep the ice on the pimples. Do so many times like this.


Lemon juice has quickly treated the pimples. Vitamin C is rich in lemon. Lemon juice helps to dry the pimples soon. Use the only fresh juice of the lemon.

  • Squeezing the fresh lemon juice in a bowl. apply it on the pimple using a cotton piece before bedtime.
  • Take a spoonful of fresh lemon juice and cinnamon powder in a bowl. Then put this mixture on the pimples and leave it overnight. Clean the skin with lukewarm water in the morning.

Tea tree oil

To treat acne and pimple tea tree oil s the best option. Tea tree oil contains antibacterial glands which fight bacteria that cause skin problems.

  • Take out the tea tree oil in a bowl as needed. Apply it on the affected area using a cotton piece. Wash off your face after 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil and a spoonful Aloe vera gel in a bowl. Apply this mixture on your pimple and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash the face with cold clean water.


The toothpaste that you use to clean your teeth in the morning can use to treat pimples. Use white toothpaste instead of gel toothpaste.

  • Put the white toothpaste on the pimple before sleeping at night.
  • Wash your face with water in the morning. You will notice an improvement in the inflammation of the pimples.
  • You can apply if you want in the day but white toothpaste should be kept at your pimples for at least half an hour.


Steam for the skin typically beneficial in the pimples. By taking steam, your skin pores open and begins breathing. Steam helps to the removal of oil, dust, and bacteria from the skin holes, which are due to infections.

  • Take hot water in a large utensil. Keep your face in front of steam for a few minutes.
  • Then wash your face with lukewarm water and use oil free Moisturizer on your face.


Garlic is an antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and antioxidant agent which immediately benefits in Pimples. Garlic has sulfur as well, which treats the pimples early.

  • Take a fresh garlic. Do the grains of garlic in two pieces.
  • Rub this garlic pieces on a pimple and leave for 5 minutes. Wash the skin with lukewarm water.
  • This can be done several times a day.

Baking soda

Baking soda helps in reducing excess oil of skin.

  • Take a spoon baking soda in a bowl and mix a little water or lemon juice and make a thin paste.
  • First, wash and clean your skin. Then put this paste on the affected area and leave it for a few minutes to dry. Keep in mind that having a baking soda over the skin will cause skin irritation or irritation in the skin.
  • Then wash your face with hot water. Do this twice a day.

Use of honey

Honey is an antibiotic that treats infections rapidly.

  • Take a small quantity of honey in a bowl. Soak a piece of cotton in honey and apply it on the face. Leave it for half an hour.
  • Wash your skin with lukewarm water.

Use of Cucumber

Cucumbers contain high amounts of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Cucumber keeps the skin cool and smooth.

  • Cut one or two cucumbers into small pieces. Then take water in a vessel and let the cucumber get soaked for an hour. Nutrition such as vitamin A, potassium and chlorophyll present in the cucumber is found in the water.
  • After an hour drink its water and wash your face with this water.
  • Grind a cucumber and make a paste. Put this paste on your face and leave it for dry for 15 minutes. Wash your skin with lukewarm water.